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KEY FEATURES - 100% customizable for all of your

requirements with unlimited options available. 

Automatic   eMail   Notifications    of   new   objects   being   added   to   the   folder.   This   feature   allows   your team   to   know   during   the   project   phase   what   has   been   added,   who   it   was   added   by   and   when.   Monitor & Audits all documents required per project. 100% structured by your firm.   “Part of initial DESIGN” API’s   &   Integration   support ,   so   you   can   transfer   all   files   to   your   clients   websites   like   Siterra ”, FileNet ”, “ SharePoint ” company credentials may be required.   “Part of initial DESIGN” Project   Overview   Snapshots   &   eMail   Notices ,   Can   set   each   project   to   provide   simple   emails   that   list all   files   provided   at   each   stage.   Shows   all   (” DOCUMENTS,   PHOTOS,   DAT   files”)   it   labeled   which   shows what   is   being   provided   to   your   client   @   each   Milestone.   This   feature   can   be   used   against   PHOTO CHECKLIST ” which makes it easy to validate. Company logo’s , Company Branding can be provided on all your reports. “Part of initial DESIGN” STORAGE , Backup copies of all documents and photos via Amazon AWS. “Default process” Drag   &   Drop    functionality   making   it   simple   to   confirm   everything   has   been   provided   for   the   project by   adding   them   into   the   appropriate   folder   on   a   per   program   initiative   set   structure   1C,   2C,   3C,   4C,   5C, 6C, GSM, UMTS & LTE. “Part of initial DESIGN” 100%   Customizable   by   your   firm ,   each   market   can   have   different   design   requirements   and   different forms   required   &   extra   Photos   needed.   We   can   add   it   all   for   you   on   a   market   by   market   basis   or   client by client basis.   “SPECIAL DESIGN & CUSTOMIZATION REQUIRED” DFR,   JHA,   EDF,   SRP   -   “Safety   Documents”   to   be   used   every   morning   or   before   a   project.   We   can design them for you and place it into the system as you require. Milestone   Project   Tracking ,   Simple   project   monitoring   so   you   can   provide   your   end   client   like   AT&T with accurate details and avoid Mishaps & Project Status Misrepresentation Dashboard,    National   or   Global   High   Level   program   oversight   with   real   time   project   specifics   and   so much more!
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