Synced Project “AUTOMATION” for everyone ! Powerful CM - Content Management for all Project & Construction Managers & any upper level management teams. You can access files from anywhere, any time with any smart device while overseeing and managing multiple markets across the USA. Role based access. Collaborate and Share files of each project with your entire Office & Field Management team. See “REAL TIME” status updates from every project your teams are working on. Set time lines for specific documents like the (24) hr Docs that are needed. RG114 - Tape Drop Form  AN202 - RET Form
“TOWER-PRO” is AT&T’s Premier Closeout Documentation Project Delivery System. The following is a high-level overview on how to use (TOWER-PRO) and what it will do for you and your company. Our online application was designed specifically and built for AT&T, to assist “Turf Vendors” with Standardizing the Turn-over process from Employees and their approved General Contractors with the Closeout Documentation Deliverables process. With TOWER-PRO you can issue detailed SOW “Scope of Work”, Edit the Driver ID’s, and overall Scope of Work first day, send the GC’s NTP’s - Notice to Proceed, provide all Site Packages (RFDS, CD’s, Permits, etc) keeping them Proprietary & Confidential via internal delivery, Issue Change Request (Ticket #) to the GC’s via the NFSD Page, Track & Monitor NFSD (Login/Logouts), keep track of Asset Tracking Info of Manufacturer Make, Model & Serial Numbers. Take more control of your Data Integrity as you control a lot of what data goes into their documents, provide Third Party Real Time Quality Control Audits (Monitoring & Reviews), Maintain all of your Safety & Performance Reviews during construction with ease. Allowing the Turf Vendors to standardize all General Contractors turnover process via standardized forms that are required.   Provide a comprehensive list of all Documents and Photos needing turned in automatically for each and every project while working on AT&T sites across the United States in all Markets. We can provide solutions that are customizable to suit your companies needs. You can manage and stay on track easily, with us !
The  Best  Solution  in  the  Industry  ! PREMIER! TOWER-PRO AT&T “WebApp”
( T M S ) Task Management System

                                                                                                      100% Customizable Tasks

Decom Projects, PreCon Site Walks, Equipment Inventory, Asset Tracking, Carrier Adds, any Carrier Task.

Even if you are a standalone service professional processing another companies deliverables and simply need another tier of support to streamline the Process, Label your Documents & Photos, Collect & Monitor everything all online. Well we are here to help with all of your needs. Our customizable Task Management System is simply the fastest process out there to date for any type of Project regardless of the Carrier or Client. Precon’s - Site Walks, Equipment Inventory, Asset Management, Decoms, Standard Installs, Upgrades, any spreadsheet can simply be converted into an online TASK in our system. Will work for anyone, it is a great product for you and your company. Let us save you time and money as we take the load off from the physical demand of documentation processing. We will simply prove how valuable of a tool this really is and at the same time save you countless hours of work with everything stored in one central location / database. Let us know what you need and you will be able to select it as a task in the system. Its that simple. We customize it for you. Just let us know what you need. Order Now !

Everything designed around Telecommunications ! 

Designed & Customized specifically for AT&T Turf 3.0 Program. Designed where Turf Vendors can keep their approved General Contractors in sync and provide standardized process flow during the network implementation deployment phase. Everyone can access the project data LIVE - in Real Time any time & from any device. Our site will eliminate emailing Documents, Pictures & Project Trackers as we have encompassed all of these items into ( TOWER-PRO ).   
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