Website Design & Development ! Website Design & Development ! Website Design “Automation Process” going viral !
“COMPLETE PROJECT” “DESIGN & WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT”                      THE HOTTEST THING HAPPENING IN TELECOM. Customized Website Development for the Tower Industry. Simply is the best thing going for the tower industry and telecommunications as a whole. It has simplified internal company procedures for all General Contractors & Self Perform Employees. Everyone will love it because we save them a lot of time. We have standardizing the Complete Deliverables Creation & Turnover Process from A to Z, Plus we are saving everyone time & money. Eliminating wasted Overhead & Time during the Closeout Documentation Deliverables Stage. Now everyone will be able to start billing faster as projects are completed with accuracy the last day on site. By turning over your Closeout Documents quicker it will get you paid much faster. Your key to success will come from our Industry Design where we have Standardized & Automated the complete process. With consistency accompanied with minimal Input Requirements the CLEAR CHOICE IS:
We are very pleased at the prospect of working with you to create your company Closeout Online Solution. We have put together a package that outlines from an average company to the most complex company requirements for Telecom Closeouts Deliverables. We will provide all affiliate references & recommendations of all development personnel involved with your project, as well as time & cost breakdowns. A lot of effort was spent breaking down and understanding the full scope of different projects across the country from Turf Vendor requirements to General Contractors and we feel we have covered it all for the AT&T Turf Program. Our Tower-Pro solution is ready to be use now regardless of market immediately.   We know we have developed a great approach for any and all of your Closeout needs via TOWER-PRO, and further have the best packages available in the industry. Each project we do is unique and 100% completely custom to our client’s needs per Market. We are extremely confident that we can help you achieve your project goals. Please read through the information we’ve put together below and feel free to contact us with any questions at 1-877-916-4388 ext 501. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to read our Website Development proposal highlights & it would be a pleasure to work with your firm to develop your automated website.
ABOUT US We specialize in the conception, design and development of interactive media and online marketing solutions for companies of all sizes and backgrounds. Our mission is to push the envelope of design and technology to empower our clients with interactive solutions that increase the value and desirability of their company, products and services. In pursuit of our mission we are committed to strengthening client identity through ingenuity and cutting-edge development. We always exceed our clients' expectations by providing the highest quality at an affordable cost. THE DIFFERENCE What makes us stand apart from the pack? TelecomCloseouts & “Affiliates” combines one of the most experienced and talented teams available with a customer-first policy to give you direct access to your project any time, any day. You will not be put on a waiting list. Projects are done and managed in house to ensure absolute maximum quality control. No overseas development, and no corners cut; the TelecomCloseouts & “Affiliates” name is synonymous with quality. From the world's biggest companies to the world's most exciting start-ups, TelecomCloseouts & “Affiliates” delivers, exceeding client expectations and pushing the envelope of new media technology, all at an affordable cost. Simply unrivaled anywhere for the comparison of content delivered. CLIENT COMMUNICATIONS As we began to work with clients around the world like Goodman Networks, we needed a versatile, online content sharing tool that could be accessed any time of the day. We selected Basecamp as that tool. Basecamp is a secure and easy to use online system that does not require any special software or hardware installation. It allows fluid collaboration between our team and our clients. In specially assigned areas, clients can easily review design files with a simple click of a button. In addition, clients can post comments or request changes directly on the site and can review comments by all involved in the project development. This tool will simplify and speed up the review, approval and revision process. SOLUTIONS SOLVED:                           Standardization by template to measure Automation will drive 80%+ improvement Automation will save an Average of 8 hrs Per Project Metric driven productivity produced at the individual level Ability to Streamline Standards to work anywhere Move ownership to the Market Closeout Teams for accountability Rapid Change Management due to automation Customizable Reporting & Project Management GET A QUOTE TODAY > APPLY FOR YOUR WEBSITE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT !
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Goodman Testimonials & Benefits of Solution
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Cus t omiz able r eporting overall keeps everyone in Sync, regardless of department. Just to list a few !
Website Design & Development ! Website Design & Development !  is rapidly growing and literally going viral nationally from Turf Vendors to General Contractors. Now everyone can see the true benefit and overall time savings our solution provides. Allowing you to focus on Safety & Building the Networks and not worrying about paperwork demands.              LET US SAVE YOU MONEY TODAY !